Discovery Bible Studies

Discovery Bible Studies

Discovery Bible studies is one of our favorite tools for seeing people become disciples of Jesus. The emphasis of Bible study format is an inductive approach in learning to be obedient to Jesus. Built on the foundation of the Word of God believers learn to share thankfulness and minister to one another’s needs. Believers’ are taught to hear God’s voice through their open Bible and to commit to intentional obedience as they reach out to others.

See link below to download a free copy of How We Run Discovery Bible Studies

The 6 basic steps to a Discovery Bible Study include:DSCN3684

  1. Thankfulness
  2. Minister to Needs
  3. Engage in the Word of God
  4. Listen for God’s voice
  5. Commitment to Obey
  6. Reaching Out

Discovery Bible Studies is one of the most relevant tools we use at many levels of ministry. It is easily replicated and when done well can multiply quickly. It is not a burdensome load on the moderator to lead a small group and we have found this format to be successful in reaching post-modern culture. This method of running small groups stimulates discussion and allows everyone to participate. We received training on Discovery Bible Studies at a seminar a few years ago and though we recognize that there are many ways to run vibrant small groups we have been so encouraged by the fruit that we have seen. Below is our adaptation of what we learned.

Free PDF of How We Run Discovery Bible Studies:

How we run a Discovery Bible Study

How We Run Discovery Bible Study

If you would like Merle to come and teach Discovery Bible Studies to your church or for your small group leaders please send an invite here.